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Aug. 10th, 2017 08:59 am
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Hi! Hello! Welcome!

Slightly modeled off [livejournal.com profile] wip_amnesty, this is a community where you - you've guessed it - post (or share, if you're posting in your own journal/comm) your WIPs.

The catch is that these are WIPs you don't plan on finishing, don't want to finish, or simply just don't see yourself working on anymore in the future. This is for the abandoned works, the WIPs gathering up dust on your harddrive, the things that you're proud of that you've worked on but simply won't finish due to whatever reason you can think of.

The purpose of this community is partially for the sharing aspect, but also for the therapeutic relief that comes with getting something that's just been sitting on your computer for so long off and out there, even if it's not done! Maybe you cried over it. Maybe you hate it. Maybe you love it, but only up to as much as you worked on it. Maybe you forgot about it. Maybe you were attached to it once and now you're not anymore.

It's okay. It's time to let go.

And if people try to ask you for more? Well, the point is that there won't be anymore. Laugh in their faces and take in the glee that you've gotten rid of something you don't want in your hands anymore, nothing else. This is for you to get closure - you and only you.

How this works:

1. Post your WIP(s) in your journal.

2. Come make a post on [community profile] wip_amnesty sharing it!

3. With the following header:
Title: (if there is one)
You can place the link to the post in your journal anywhere - in the title, after the header, etc.

4. If you have more than one for multiple fandoms, please make one masterpost for all of them here. If you have more than one for a single fandom, you should also make a masterpost for them here.

5. Don't worry about tagging (we'll take care of that.)

Other notes of interest:
• If you're open to the idea of handing off your WIP to someone else to finish, feel free to make a note of that!
All fanworks are allowed. This includes (but is not limited to): fic, art, icons/graphics, vids, and podfic.
• This comm is open indefinitely to new WIP amnesties, but we'll have some events to encourage more people to share their WIPs in a specified timeframe. Usually around spring cleaning season with the exception of our first round
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Title: Untitled
Author: [personal profile] argentum_ls
Summary: Something something evil new teacher at BHHS. Maybe there's meant to be an interstellar war?
Word Count: ~2500
Notes: If you want to take this over, have fun!

Link: http://argentum-ls.dreamwidth.org/101285.html
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Fanwork Type: Fanart - icons
Status: 45/100
Fandom: RPF (K-Pop/Mando-Pop)
The batch I never finished.
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Kicking off this comm is our first fest, from 10 August 2017 to 24 August 2017. In these two weeks is where we enthusiastically encourage everyone to check out our comm and find all the WIPs that they'll never finish as they can and share them with us. Check out our info/rules if you haven't yet.

During our downtime periods, you're still welcome to post WIP amnesties whenever you like - it's just likely that there may be less attention for them. This event is to gain interest (wink wink) and see how many WIPs we can find.

So. It begins. Post whatever, whenever you want in this timeframe (and later, if it suits you) and feel that sweet relief of letting go.

Of course, if you look at and like someone else's WIP, be sure to let them know that you enjoyed what they made of it!

And feel free to advertise us!

For ANY medium of fanwork (fic, art, vid, pod) & ANY fandom!

Interested? Check out our info and rules!
Our first round is 10 August - 24 August.


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