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the WIPs less traveled

a place for you to leave the works you'll never finish

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Name:The WIPs less traveled
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Community description:a place for you to leave the works you'll never finish

Got those WIPs gathering dust on your harddrive? Those WIPs you tell yourself you'll finish... but you really know you won't?

Share & post them in our comm! Partially for the sharing aspect, but more for you to feel that relief of having that WIP gone from your life forever. It's been said that you post it, get rid of it, get closure - you'll feel much lighter :)

At the moment, we're running an event from 10 August to 24 August, but generally our comm is open indefinitely.

We are open to all fandoms, all pairings, and all mediums. This includes fic, art, vids, and podfic.
  1. Make a post in your journal where your WIP is. Post as much of it as you want - we have no guidelines to what you choose to share.
  2. Come make a post in [community profile] wip_amnesty sharing it.
  3. With the following header:
    Title: (if there is one)
    You can place the link to the post in your journal anywhere - in the title, after the header, etc.
  4. If you have more than one for multiple fandoms, please make one masterpost for all of them here. If you have more than one for a single fandom, you should also make a masterpost for them here.
  5. Don't worry about tagging (we'll take care of that.)
More info can be found here. But it's pretty simple, really - and cathartic.
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